Our Logo Comes to Life

Our Logo Comes to Life

When Denver and I started our business, we knew we needed a logo.  We started talking about what we wanted it to look like. The surprising thing is we both had similar ideas.  Since we’re Independent Designers for Chalk Couture and chalkboards are a large part of what we work with, we both wanted our business name displayed on a chalkboard.  Perhaps we could also include a squeegee and jar of chalk paste.

Great – we had a concept.  We both kind of looked at each other and said, “Now what?”  We had no clue how to translate our ideas into a digital logo. Neither of us knew a graphic designer or if using a graphic designer was anything our small business could afford.  With the Minneapolis Home + Garden show coming up, we really needed to get going on the process.  We had a submission deadline to meet for their marketing materials.  (Nothing like a looming deadline to light a fire under us.)

I put a few feelers out to friends to see if they could recommend any graphic designers.  While waiting to hear back from folks, I ran across a post in one of my Facebook groups.  The post included video of an artist drawing a chalkboard sign for a business that I thought looked amazing. (Click here to see video of her creating it.)

Soap Chalkboard.jpg

She uses a process called hand lettering.  Plus, she’s left handed.  Since Denver and I are both left handed (odd, right?), we were in awe she could draw and not smear the ink as she wrote.  I quickly checked her social media and etsy account to see what else she creates.  It all looked fantastic! 

Since her work is hand drawn with sweeping moves before she digitizes on the computer, we felt her style fit with well with Chalk Couture products and the look we wanted to achieve with our logo.  So, we gave her a call – her name is Tanya Levandoski.  She specializes in teaching this hand lettering technique online as well as creating and selling her art work.  

We had a great conversation.  Luckily for us, she creates logos.  Yes!  We talked about what we were looking for and she walked us through the process and cost.  As we chatted, we realized our concept idea was maybe a bit much if we included the squeegee and chalk paste.  Tanya made suggestions for simplifying the logo that all seemed great. 

She first provided four logo ideas.  Out of the four, luckily Denver and I agreed on which one we liked best.  (Thank goodness!)  We then started working on the letter font and chalkboard frame design.  Can I tell you how hard it was to make requests for changes to what she created?  She’s an artist and we were basically asking her to change her art.  She was so helpful throughout the entire process though.  I was picky about some of the changes and she was great about providing feedback and updated sketches.  She wanted to make sure we had the logo that we wanted. 

We went through a few rounds of changes on the letter font and chalkboard frame.  Next up was deciding on frame color.  Tanya again provided four color choices.  We wanted a pop of color – and one we really liked since our logo will be displayed on signs for our vendor booths, probably t-shirts, etc.  Out of the four choices, Denver and I debated back and forth and ultimately decided on blue-grey. 

We now have our logo!  

cropped blue logo.jpg

We had the easy part in creating the logo – Tanya did all the work.  We so appreciate all the time and effort she put into making it something we love.  She documented her creative process for us with a video.  Check it out – it’s so neat to see our logo come to life! 


I know we’re new to being small business owners – but so far, I’m liking pretty much everything about it.  Not only do I get to tackle the fun, crafty stuff with Denver, but also the business aspect.  Yep, I’m nerdy in that I liked the business formation part and doing accounting and inventory.  I especially love (yep, I know, I love a lot of things) that our small business could procure design services from another small business.  As we worked with Tanya, we’ve seen her small business grow as she introduced her hand lettering templates in her online group.  You can see her in action here

Brush lettering templates.jpg

She recently participated in her first craft fair where she hand lettered live on flower pots.  How amazing is that!  So bummed we don’t live closer so we could have seen her do this in person.  

You can see more behind the scenes action at  www.tanyalevandoski.com

You can see more behind the scenes action at www.tanyalevandoski.com

We’re so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences we’ve already had with our business – including the new folks we’ve met along the way.  Tanya – thanks so much for making this design process so smooth and easy! 

We can’t wait to use our logo everywhere!  You’ll be able to see it at the upcoming Minneapolis Home + Garden show.  We hope to see you there – stop by our booth and say hello!  We'll be doing demos and classes throughout the show - check out our Make It, Take It page for more details.

- Kristen

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