A Bakery, Bagfitter and Two Breweries

A Bakery, Bagfitter and Two Breweries

Do you ever have an ordinary day turn out magical?  That was the kind of day Denver and I had today.  

We've been working hard on prepping for our booth at the upcoming Minneapolis Home + Garden show.  We thought we'd take a break and get out and enjoy the warm weather today.  (We live in Minnesota and are currently experiencing a heat wave - it was in the 40s today after weeks of freezing temperatures.)

We decided to take a short road trip.  We didn't know where all we were going to end up, but knew wanted to trek to a bakery we recently heard about.  We'll pretty much travel almost anywhere for a cupcake and thought "why not today?"  

Have you heard of Clover Meadow Bakery in Maple Lake, Minnesota?  It's an adorable bakery less than an hour from our home.  Denver found them on Facebook when he saw some of their gluten free items at a local bakery.   

display case.jpg

Do you see all the yummy goodness in the display case?  The scrumptious looking goodies taste as good as they look. 

It was pretty tough to decide which items to purchase.  Since the bakery isn't located close to us, we may have used that as an excuse to grab more than one item to try.  The employee behind the counter made the cupcake flavors all sound delicious, so we left with a few different flavors.  We also grabbed a cinnamon roll, a gluten free pizza crust, loaf of French bread and some mixes.

Cinnamon Roll.jpg

The cinnamon roll didn't last long... 


I think pizza and garlic bread are on the menu for tomorrow's Vikings game along with a visit to the gym. 

We met the owner while we were there - both her and her employee were so sweet!  They even gave us some tips for shops to visit.  

After the bakery, we crossed the street to a shop called Custom Bagfitters.  I wasn't sure what a Bagfitter is, but the displays in the window looked pretty neat, so we ventured on in.

custom bagfitters.jpg

You guys - this shop was amazing!  I wish I would have taken some more photos to show you.  There were cute items like sweater mittens, jewelry, scarves and more.  But the best part was the bags.  Jennifer, the owner, was there and chatted with us.  She hand sews bags on a Juki (that's an industrial sewing machine).  You not only choose the bag style you want - you also choose the fabrics. 

I. Was. In. Heaven. 

I have a lot of crafty interests - and that includes sewing and quilting.  I haven't sewn a lot of bags myself - but I do belong to quite a few sewing groups on Facebook where I drool over what people create.  Jennifer sews patterns of her own design, but also sews some Swoon designs.  (Swoon is a company that creates bag patterns that I heart.)  I've wanted to sew a Swoon bag myself, but have been a bit intimidated due to the zippers.  I can't believe I found a shop that not only makes bags - but also saw some Swoon bags in real life.  It was so fun chatting with another sewer and someone that knew about Swoon, Spoonflower (a custom fabric site) and more! 

The Custom Bagfitter name now makes sense.  She custom makes the bag to fit you.  Of course, I couldn't leave the shop without placing an order for a custom bag.  I was able to look through her available fabric and choose the fabric I wanted - she also had leather, faux leather and cork to choose from.  Denver thought the industrial sewing machine was pretty neat, so he was happy to hang out while I chose my fabric.  I can't wait to show it to you when it's finished!  It should be ready in the next 4-6 weeks.  

Check out her Facebook page - she's currently doing a bag giveaway you don't want to miss out on!  (Her giveaway closed - but check out her page anyways since she has amazing stuff on there!)

So far our road trip was amazing - two stops and two great experiences!  We were close to Spilled Grain Brewhouse, so decided that was our next stop.  We love craft breweries.  Minnesota has so many of them and more keep popping up monthly.

spilled grain.jpg

Spilled Grain has a great building - lots of wood, high ceilings and some very good beer.  Even better, they played some country music, including Eric Church.  He's one of our favorite singers - so we felt right at home at this brewery.  We were there shortly after opening, so it wasn't busy yet and we had a chance to chat with the bartender about their beers.  I was still in seventh heaven from the Bakery and Bagfitter so I was happy to just sit and sip some beer.  I did notice the giant mirror in the retail area.  You can see how the hat, shirt, sweatshirt, etc. will look on you.  Since about 75% of my non work clothes consist of various brewery gear - that's a great idea!  Don't you think the mirror would look great with a bit of chalking?  

After Spilled Grain, we decided we had time for one more stop.  We drove over to Cold Spring to visit 3rd Street Brewhouse.  We hadn't been there before, but Denver had tried their beer before today. I had the Cool Beans Imperial Coffee Porter.  Not sure what it is that makes coffee and beer such a good combination, but I'm glad someone thought to put the two together!  

We even got in a game a cribbage while we were there.  We also had a chance to taste one of the cupcakes we bought at the bakery.  Yum!  Sooooo good!  

Cribbage and cupcakes.jpg
Cribbage loss.jpg

I wish the cribbage game would have been as good as the cupcake.  It was a close one, but I lost to Denver.  Love playing cribbage on the board our friend made for us.  He custom made it and engraved a photo of Pea, our dog, on it.  We pretty much take it everywhere with us.  Aren't handmade items the best?

At this point, we headed back home to spend some time with Pea.  We really couldn't have asked for a better day.  Found some great new places to visit, chatted with some folks about doing pop up make and take sessions and enjoyed some sunlight and fresh air.  I hope your day was as magical as ours!  What are you guys up to this weekend?

Our Logo Comes to Life

Our Logo Comes to Life

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Let's talk about the dreaded "S" word...SAWDUST!!