Let's talk about the dreaded "S" word...SAWDUST!!

Let's talk about the dreaded "S" word...SAWDUST!!


Since I'm now using my power tools on a regular basis, I'm creating more and more sawdust in the garage.  If you guys know me, you know I'm a fan of a clean garage.  (Kristen would probably say I'm a bit obsessive about it.)  Besides being a nuisance, sawdust is bad for your health when you breathe it in.  So, I'm getting used to wearing a dust mask and safety goggles when working with wood. 

I decided enough was enough and went online looking for an affordable dust collection system that would eliminate the daily dust storm I was creating. After researching, I found the Dust Deputy Cyclone from Oneida Air Systems I understand there may be better systems out there.  However, I wanted one that was affordable and did not take up a ton of space. I purchased it at MENARDS for $99.

Two buckets.jpg

The Dust Deputy comes with two separate buckets - you place the bucket on the left inside the bucket on the right.  (I made the cart it's sitting on - I'll talk about that later.)  


Why does it come with two buckets?  Because you attach the Dust Deputy to the shop vac.  This allows you to keep the bottom bucket attached the shop vac and pull the top bucket off to empty it.  

3 casters attach to the bottom bucket - that way the dust collector moves along with your rolling shop vac.

It also comes with some simple attachments (bolts and a foam piece) to connect it to the shop vac.  You're supposed to drill a few holes into the side of one Dust Deputy bucket, your shop vac and the foam piece and then run the bolts through the three pieces making it one unit.  Since I didn't want to drill holes in my shop vac to attach the two together, I instead attached the Dust Deputy to the shop vac with a strap. 

cyclone working.jpg

Here is the cyclone at work.  You can see the dust enters from the hose with the red arrow and pretty much anything that is heavier then air falls to the bottom. Then clean air (mostly clean air) enters your shop vac.  The blue arrow is showing that hose.  You rarely have to change out your shop vac filter!!  Side note: If you look along the left side of the funnel you will see metal tape and a thin metal wire.  The metal tape and wire (the wire goes down to the ground and drags on the ground) helps to ground the unit.  If you do not put those on, you may notice small pieces of dust collect all over the Dust Deputy and shop vac.  And, you may get small shocks when you touch either one of them.  Kind of like when you rub your feet on the ground and touch something metal. I recommend putting the metal tape and wire on the unit. 

Getting back to the way I had the Dust Deputy strapped to my shop vac.  Well...I did not like it.  The two units never really moved as one unit.  I did see online that people have built a cart for their Dust Deputy/shop vac combo so I thought I'd give that a try.    

Some people have crazy awesome skills and built some pretty sweet carts.  Me, I took some scrap 2x2's, a piece of plywood, and four casters.

bucket 3.jpg

I bolted the bottom bucket to the plywood.



dust cart.jpg

You can see the shop vac just rests in the 2x2 framed area.  That way I can take it off the cart anytime I like and use the shop vac by itself. Why did I need the framed area for the shop vac to sit in?  The shop vac's wheels sit perfectly and tight in the framed area keeping it in place on the cart.

I think a dust collection system is a must for any shop or garage.  For the price and space it takes up...the Dust Deputy was worth every penny!!

Get out there and be creative people!!



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