What to do with all those Christmas cards

What to do with all those Christmas cards

If you're like Denver and I, you've probably received a bunch of Christmas cards in the last few weeks.  We love this time of year - seeing photos of family and friends and reading about everyone's adventures!

The Christmas cards start to stack up pretty quick though. 


Denver wanted a way to display the cards so he built a card holder.  He  painted 1" x 3" trim white and constructed a 3' x 4' frame.   


He then stapled chicken wire to the back of the frame.  The chicken wire (a.k.a. Poultry Netting) was purchased at Mills Fleet Farm.  It's amazing what you can find at that store - last time I was there, I saw a grilled cheese toaster.  I didn't even know that was a thing!

c wire.jpg

To add some creativity to the card holder, we added a bow and attached a Merry Christmas sign to the chicken wire using zip-ties.  The zip-ties are removable if we want to change up the card holder.  Want to see how the Merry Christmas sign was chalked?  Check out this blog post.  

front view by bench.jpg

Since we're hanging the card holder on the wall, we want to protect the paint from being scratched by the chicken wire and staples.  Denver built a matching frame to go behind the chicken wire and attached everything together using screws.  

side pic.jpg

I took a quick picture of the card holder hung on the wall of our garage.  

front view.jpeg

If you don't have space to hang it on a wall, you could lean it against a wall or display it on an easel like we did below.  The great thing about the card holder is how easily changeable it is.    

To do this, we removed the Merry Christmas sign and rotated the frame from landscape to portrait.  I wanted to try out the Merry and Bright Chalk Couture transfer, so quickly chalked it on a small chalkboard and placed it inside a wreath.  The wreath was zip-tied to the chicken wire.  


We attached the cards to the chicken wire using clothes pins found in the Dollar Spot at Target.  How cute are the Christmas tree pins? I want to try chalking on them - just haven't had a chance to do that yet.  


Did you happen to notice Denver and I are on all the Christmas cards attached to the card holder?  We do actually have friends that sent us cards.  We just didn't want to post photos of their kids without permission.  Thus, we just grabbed some of our leftover cards to display.

We know it's probably too late to create a card holder this year, but you can always add it to your project list for 2018.  Pin this post so you have the details ready once you've recovered from the holidays.  

Looking for Chalk Couture products?  Find them at https://denverchalks.chalkcouture.com

We hope you have a fabulous holiday season filled with love, laughter, family and friends!  

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