Take your chances and go

Take your chances and go

"Take your chances and go."  This has been my motto for years.  The phrase actually came about one day when I was driving with my mom.  I was probably about eight years old at the time.  We were waiting at a stop sign, trying to cross a busy intersection.  There were so many cars! In my eight year old mind, it was taking forever for Mom to drive.  I turned to her and said, "take your chances and go!"  Well, she must have thought that was funny since she's reminded me of it often over the years.  She always tells me, "you were my kid that took her chances and went.  If you wanted to do something, you went for it." 

Love that my parents always encouraged me to go for it!  However, I feel like I've played it pretty safe in life.  I don't really feel like I've taken any chances.  I'm a CPA - I crunch numbers for a living.  Debits go on the left, credits go on the right.  My balance sheets balance.  It's not too exciting - but I love my job and enjoy the challenges being an accountant brings.   

I've always had this creative side in me though.  That might be something strange for an accountant.  I love to quilt and sew.  I've learned to knit.  I make handmade gifts as presents.  Luckily, my partner in crime, Denver, came with a crafty side.  He likes to tinker in the garage and build things.  He doesn't cringe when I say, "Hey! I found this on Pinterest.  Do you think we could...."  (Okay, maybe he cringes a little.  He still helps me create it anyways.)

Denver and I feel like now is the time to "take our chances and go."  We've been crafting and creating for years.  We love going to art fairs and pop up vendor markets.  We've always wanted a business of our own.  You know all those wood signs you see everywhere?  (Think "gather" and "farmhouse.")  We've wanted to create our own signs and more.  I've always been interested in making t-shirts and the screen printing process.  Most folks that know me know of my love for matching t-shirts.  If there's a road trip or fun event, I'm always looking for a t-shirt that fits the occasion. 

So we're going to go for it.  We're starting our own business.  We've found the perfect opportunity in joining Chalk Couture.  They've created art supplies that help you make some amazing home décor and more.  We'll be able to make creative signs.  Their products can be used on more than wood - it works with metal, glass, mirrors, etc.  It also works on fabric - so now I can create t-shirts!  We want to be able to inspire others to create as well - so we'll be offering make and take classes.  We're hoping to sell our creations in local shops around town.  We'll be blogging about DIY projects - some of which will include Chalk Couture products.  We'll also be using our vinyl cutting machine and heat press to add variety to what we create.  Think of us as a live version of Pinterest!

Denver's going to be the craftier side of our business.  He's actually making this his full time job.  He'll be creating and showing you how to use the Chalk Couture transfers and chalk paste.  He'll be popping up at farmer's markets and more.  I'll still be working my day job, but joining him in the evenings and weekends.  I'm trying to convince him to do some Facebook live videos on our business page - Denver Chalks.  He seems pretty shy right now, but hopefully he'll come out from behind the camera.  I'll be creating with him, but also doing some of the business side of things - taxes, accounting, inventory, etc.  

We're so excited for this journey and to see where it takes us in life.  We feel like if we don't try this now, we'll have missed out on some pretty great experiences.  We hope to meet some fun folks along the way!  

You'll be able to see us at the Minneapolis Home and Garden show in late March/early April.  We'll have a booth showcasing our signs, t-shirts , etc. and the Chalk Couture products.  We're a little nervous about this since almost 100,000 people attend that show each year!  

If you happen to be close to our neighborhood, feel free to stop in to the workshop (a.k.a. garage) and say hi!  Denver has our dog, Pea, to keep him company during the day, but I'm sure he'd love to have someone to chat with!

- Kristen and Denver





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